Characteristics of a good landing page

Characteristics Of A Good Landing Page

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January 4, 2024

Designing a good landing page can often be tricky. The page has to represent the brand while also enticing visitors to click on your call-to-action (CTA).With that, here are some characteristics of a good landing page.

Clear Call-To-Action (CT)

The sole mission of a landing page is to convince visitors to take action. Whether it is the form of leaving their details, contacting you or downloading a file, a clearly defined CTA can help with conversion.

Clean and Concise text

When your landing page is easy on the eyes, the better your chances of successful conversion. Fonts that are readable with a healthy dose of letter spacing and line height is important. Avoiding lengthy blocks of text content. Make sure that your texts get straight to the point to improve efficiency.

Use visual information

Together with text that is both short and sweet, using images can play a big part in defining your overall message. This can come in many forms, such as a captioned photo or infographic. Visual elements often get the point across much better than text alone.

Appealing colour schemes

The use of colour can be a subjective matter of personal tastes. However, landing pages that use colours in a user-friendly way can make it easier to use and understand. Colour coding navigation elements and using high-contrast ratios are simple ways to boost user experience.

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