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“Traditional marketing talks at people, content marketing talks with people”

- Doug Kessler

In the digital age, content can be found everywhere at the click of a mouse. But, engaging content offers the consumers something fresh and new. It offers an alternate perspective, an unexpected laugh, and information that relate, entertain and inspire.

Short Form Video Production

Video marketing takes on many forms and mediums. With our expertise, we can guide and produce the best video form to convey your message and achieve your objectives.

Photography Service

Whether it’s for corporate, events, fashion, food, products, portraits and more, we offer a wide range of commercial photography services. Explore the services we offer and let us help you meet your business objectives.

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From marketing campaigns that brought about more than 60% ROI for clients to customised website projects – We’ve done it all.

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About Content Creation


Our prices are reasonably priced and would be made affordable for your proposed work.


At Digipixel, content is crafted personally with careful thought and brainstorming by our talented staff to ensure that the information we put out for you is 100% unique and cannot be found elsewhere!


We place heavy emphasis on customer service. We ensure that the entire process from design to development will be hassle-free, and that regular check-ins will be conducted to keep you updated of the progress.

Ultimately, we believe that partnerships shouldn’t solely be transactional. We treat every client as friends and are transparent in terms of pricing and scope of work! We believe in fostering a solid long-term partnership with our clients instead of a one-time transaction.

Talk is cheap, contact us and let us show you some of our case studies!

Content Creation with us means our priority and emphasis would be more focused on producing valuable footage and raw collateral, including content strategy planning and multiple layers of ideation – according to your content image and identity.

There would be less prominance on reporting of post marketing statistics unlike in our social media and digital marketing services.

Our content would start from generating original videography and photography for any product promotions you may require, to filmmaking and drafting initial designs for hard and soft copy collaterals or postings, for all kinds of platforms.

WHY digipixel

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