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About The Work We Do


Going digital shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our prices are reasonable and will be affordable for your proposed work.


We have built our business and process with customer service at the heart of everything. Thus, your project with us will be hassle-free. For example, at regular stages of the work, we check-in with you, hence keeping you updated of everything you want to know.


We are a young team who strive to provide the best for our clients. As can be seen, our passion is helping you achieve your digital goals.


When we work on clients’ projects, we align our goals to their business goals. As a result, we are honest with our clients and transparent in terms of pricing and scope of work. All in all, we aim to have long-term partnerships rather than short-term transactions.

Talk is cheap, some things are best explained by seeing the actual work. Contact us and we will show you some of our case studies!

The timeline for each project is very subjective, and is based on the scale of your requirements, ranging from a few days to a few months, depending on the type of service you have requested for.

However, we at Digipixel always aim to work efficiently, so we ensure that our timelines would be as short as possible.

We provide unique and original content that stands out in a crowded internet by relying on our talented in-house team.  strongly believe in in-house cultivated creativity. As such, all our copywriting, web design and graphic design work is produced by our Singaporean in-house team. All in all, with us, your brand is guaranteed to be unique!

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