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From push options (Display, Video, App) like videos on YouTube, websites and in-app, to pull options (Shopping, Search) like text or image ads that show up on search engine result pages — Google’s Marketing platforms have multiple channels to  put your ads in front of primed potential customers ready to make a purchase.

While Google and Youtube’s platforms seem complicated, they are actually easy to understand once you view them as tools to fulfill different parts of your strategy. To elaborate further, the key is to use relevant keywords, different ad formats and remarketing to continuously improve your conversions based on live data.

Above all, DigiPixel can help you take advantage of Google’s powerful platforms and tools by developing strategies that will get you the traffic you need to reach your business goals.

The Fundamentals of Google Marketing

Google Display Ads

Put your brand and products at the top of relevant search result pages.

Shopping Ads

Put your brand and products at the top of relevant search result pages.

Google Video Ads

Reach audiences on YouTube and other Google video partners.

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Why do you need Google Marketing?

Data Visualisation for Business Insight

We use data gained from Google Marketing to effectively strategise a plan of action for you

Dedicated Support from Certified Team

Feel at ease to rely on our expertise and support.

Admin Management for Access Allocation

Monitor your own data and analytics to make business decisions

Optimise all your Platforms

Google Marketing uses many platforms. Let us handle that for you, fuss-free.


From marketing campaigns that brought about more than 60% ROI for clients to customised website projects – We’ve done it all.

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About Google Marketing?

Since Google is the most widely used Search Engine, it is essential for you to list your business or website with Google Marketing to help you reach a wider online audience. As a result, this increases your visibility so that your businesses would be more likely to appear in search results.

Additionally, Google Marketing is a form of targeted advertising. It allows you to reach your specific target audience. As a result, it ensures that your efforts are effectively projected onto your ideal and potential customers.

There are many additional benefits to using Google Marketing service, such as its cost-effective method of advertising. Do consult us today so we can help you understand the full benefits of Google Marketing.

We at DigiPixel have an experienced team guide you through the basic operations of Google Marketing. Our consultation sessions first start by researching and helping you identify high quality keywords and potential topics that your target audience might search for to land on your website or business page. On top of that, we will also utilize our team’s valuable experience and expertise to optimize your ads.

We help you to break down the statistics and data we obtained from the google platform. Hence, you will gain understanding on the results of your marketing efforts. Then, we update you on the status of the reports, so that you are fully informed of the process to grow your business.


Marketing services shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Hence, our prices will be reasonable and affordable for your proposed work.


We place heavy emphasis on customer service. Above all, we ensure that the entire process from design to development will be hassle-free, and that regular check-ins will be conducted to keep you updated of the progress.


Our team consists of young and passionate individuals. As can be seen, we work with the mindset to constantly provide the best works for our clients. All in all, we take the extra steps to help you achieve your digital goals.

Ultimately, we believe that partnerships shouldn’t solely be transactional. As such, we treat every client as friends and are transparent in terms of pricing and scope of work! On top of it all, we foster solid long-term partnerships with our clients instead of a one-time transaction.

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