How to choose a great digital marketing agency

How to choose a great digital marketing agency

Five considerations when you choose your digital marketing agency

April 3, 2024

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We all know that Singaporeans (and people in Singapore) overwhelmingly find new products, discover new services, and buy things online. 

After all, screens and internet connection is ubiquitous on our small, hyperconnected island. As such, all business owners have become familiar with the idea that promoting online and being visible on the internet, especially through Google search, is of paramount importance to the survival and growth of their business.

While many business owners in Singapore are aware of the importance of going digital, they still face obstacles in making their business a success on the internet. 

The reason for this difficulty is that business owners are busy people and getting a business online and marketing it successfully on channels like Google, Facebook, TikTok, and so forth is difficult, time-consuming, and requires many skills that may not be in their wheelhouse. 

So, I have written an article to discuss what to look for when you engage a digital marketing agency.

1. Engaging a digital marketing agency that is based in Singapore has better results than getting one from overseas

Business owners might believe that digital marketing agencies are the same the world over. 

As a result of this, the business owner may be tempted to engage a digital marketing agency from abroad, as sometimes they may quote a lower price or just “click” with the client (this second thing is a personality match thing, I’m glad to share). 

However, engaging a digital marketing agency based in SG is a far better option as the team will have an understanding of the nuances and complexity of Singapore that an agency from abroad cannot possibly have.

2. Look for a digital marketing agency where the contact person is open and communicative

Openness, communication, and honesty are the three special elements that allow relationships to thrive, whether on a personal or business level.

When a business owner engages a digital marketing agency, they should look for an agency that prizes and emphasizes communication and that will educate them on the digital landscape that they are entering. 

As a result of getting a lay of the land from the expert, the business owner will then be able to follow along with the strategy that the digital marketing agency has laid out and feel more confident. 

The business owner should also seek out a digital marketing agency where the team is open to listening to clients’ input. 

After all, although the digital marketing agency should ideally have people who are familiar with their clients’ verticals, the business owner is still the expert when it comes to their own business and the path towards growth.

3. Find a digital marketing agency that has a deep portfolio of previous works

Digital marketing is a young person’s game. As such, digital marketing agencies do not often have huge portfolios of previous works. However, it is still possible to find a digital marketing agency where the team is young and energetic and yet the agency has a lot of experience. 

How can you find a digital marketing agency with a lot of experience and where the team is young? 

The answer lies in finding a digital marketing agency where the team started early in life. 

You can rack up quite a lot of experience and domain knowledge in this field if you start at 17. Which is, incidentally, the career and life path of at least 50% of our team here at Digipixel!

4. Find a digital marketing agency that has experience in your vertical

Like I mentioned above, digital marketing is a field that is extremely dependent upon having domain knowledge in the specific vertical that we are working in. 

As such, a business owner should seek out a digital marketing agency that has done (good) work in their business’ vertical. 

The result of having such experience means that the digital marketing agency will be able to better use their digital marketing skills to help the business achieve its goals.

So, how does a business owner find a digital marketing agency that has experience in their vertical? 

This can be done by perusing the portfolio of the digital marketing agency’s previous works. 

Most digital marketing agencies have their portfolio of past works on their websites, so you can easily find these samples. 

If the digital marketing agency that you are interested in does not have a portfolio, or their portfolio section seems small, you can directly contact them by phone or email and ask them for their portfolio. 

Alternatively, you can simply browse our portfolio. We have so far helped 60 companies become empowered by the internet. 

5. And, hopefully, the digital marketing team has a great sense of humour

Engaging a digital marketing agency should be fun! 

When a business owner seeks out a digital marketing agency, it is important for them to find a team which is humorous, creative, and ready to go along on the journey with them. 

After all, the best digital marketing agencies fulfill the role of a marketing team that supports the business, and as such, the ideal relationship between the agency and the business should be a long-term one. 

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