ATA Event & Vacation Hub - Social Media Marketing

ATA Event & Vacation Hub – Social Media Marketing

ATA Event & Vacation Hub – Social Media Marketing

ATA Events & Vacation Hub is an esteemed agency specializing in curated tours to a diverse array of countries worldwide

Client Brief


  • Our objective is to assist ATA Event & Vacation Hub in establishing a strong online presence that effectively promotes their services and products.

Target Audience

  • Potential Customers: Comprising of travelers, event organizers and vacation seekers
  • General Public: Those keen on learning more vacations and exploring unique experiences


Key challenges 

  • Limited Digital Footprint: Client has a limited digital footprint. They lack an engaging website and effective online marketing strategies to reach their target audience.
  • Brand Recognition: Building brand recognition and trust within the competitive travel and event planning industry can be challenging for a client entering the digital commercial field for the first time.
  • Competitive Market: The travel and event planning sector is highly competitive

Our Solution

Competitive Analysis: Analyze the strategies and offerings of competitors in the travel and event planning industry. Identify gaps in the market and develop unique selling points to differentiate ATA Event & Vacation Hub.

Branding: Develop a unique and consistent brand identity for ATA Event & Vacation Hub. This includes a tagline and a brand story that communicates their values and mission.

Data analysis: Continuously monitor website and social media performance metrics. Analyze user behavior, conversion rates, and ROI from marketing efforts.


Results: Generated over 600,000 impressions for travel packages and boosted viewership of client’s Facebook Live.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Copywriter – Melanie & Petrina
Web Developer – Md Tarccqul Islam
Web Designer – Marina Masud Mizoguchi

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