Beecruit - Branding

Beecruit – Branding

Beecruit – Branding

Beecruit is a dedicated and dynamic recruitment firm, that aims to bridge the connection between talented candidates who are looking for a job and the suitable companies looking to hire.

Client Brief

Branding Objectives:

Beecruit, a dynamic recruitment company, sought to refresh their brand identity to better resonate with both employers and job seekers. The goal was to communicate efficiency, connectivity, and a harmonious approach to recruitment, making the brand lively yet professional.

Target Audience:

Beecruit’s primary audience includes corporate clients looking to hire talented professionals, and job seekers searching for rewarding employment opportunities. The audience values efficiency, clarity, and innovation in the recruitment process.

Our Solution

Visual Transformation: We integrated hexagonal elements into Beecruit’s company brochure and website, drawing inspiration from bee hives. This design not only symbolizes the efficient, communal nature of a beehive but also aligns with Beecruit’s objective of creating a connected, harmonious recruitment ecosystem.Color Psychology: The incorporation of the color orange, reminiscent of honey, infuses a sense of warmth, vibrancy, and richness into the brand’s identity. This choice of color aims at making the audience feel the brand’s energetic yet welcoming persona.

Impact: The refreshed design encapsulates a lively, fresh, and timeless look that distinctly positions Beecruit in the recruitment landscape. The new visuals not only embody connectivity and efficiency but also appeal aesthetically to the target audience, creating a balance between visual appeal and brand messaging.

Results: The innovative design elements have contributed to increased engagement from corporate clients and job seekers alike. The website and brochures have received positive feedback for their enhanced visual appeal and the clear, engaging manner in which they communicate Beecruit’s values and offerings.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Branding Lead – Melanie & Petrina

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