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Bricks & Breakfast – Corporate Website

Bricks & Breakfast – Corporate Website

Bricks and Breakfast, an interior design agency, delivers customised, functional, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Their work reflects a balance between beauty and practicality, with a keen focus on budget and time management.

Client Brief

Project Objectives:

  1. Appealing Modern Design: The client sought a clean yet intriguing design to mirror their approach to interior designing.
  2. Innovative Start Page: The client desired a unique start page featuring individual palettes acting as quick links to various projects.
  3. Brand-Focused Content: Incorporating the food-related elements of their brand name into the project content was another key requirement.
  4. Clear Sitemapping: A clear, straightforward site structure was a must to ensure easy navigation for users.

Our Solution

  1. Modern Custom Design: We created a clean, modern, and engaging custom design that perfectly captures the essence of Bricks and Breakfast’s unique approach to interior design.
  2. Interactive Start Page: We designed an innovative start page with individual palettes that not only showcase the various projects but also serve as quick links to detailed information.
  3. Thematic Content Creation: Our copywriter expertly blended food elements with the brand’s story, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with the company’s unique name and approach.
  4. Intuitive Sitemapping: We developed a clear, user-friendly site structure that simplifies navigation, ensuring users can effortlessly locate their desired information.

With this project, Digipixel demonstrated our ability to intertwine creativity with usability. We skilfully combined unique design elements with intuitive site structure, crafting a web experience that is as intriguing as it is user-friendly. The Bricks and Breakfast website not only highlights our design expertise but also showcases our skill in creating engaging, brand-focused content.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Copywriter – Melanie
Web Developer – Md Tarccqul Islam
Web Designer – Marina Masud Mizoguchi

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