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CAREHEALTH SG & MY – Ecommerce

CAREHEALTH SG & MY – Ecommerce

CareHealth Singapore, a reputable supplier of affordable health products, offers over 140 unique items, striving to enrich lives with reliable wellness solutions.

Client Brief

Website Objectives

  1. Provide a clear and clean ecommerce platform for an extensive catalogue of health products.
  2. Enable smooth transition from existing marketplaces (Shopee and Lazada) to a customised ecommerce website.
  3. Ensure ease-of-use for both customers and administrators.
  4. Streamline backend logistics for efficient product management and order processing.
  5. Integrate with EasyParcel for automated airway bill generation and efficient logistics management.

Target Audience

The target audience for CareHealth Singapore’s website encompasses individuals seeking reliable and affordable health products. The website should appeal to consumers who value easy navigation, a straightforward purchasing process, and the assurance of quality products.

Our Solution

  • Developed a user-friendly, custom-built ecommerce website with a clean and intuitive design.
  • Implemented an intuitive navigation system, allowing customers easy access to CareHealth Singapore’s extensive range of products.
  • Designed an efficient backend system to streamline product management and order processing.
  • Integrated with EasyParcel for automated airway bill generation, enhancing logistical efficiency and reducing errors.
  • Facilitated a seamless transition from existing marketplaces to the new platform, ensuring uninterrupted service for customers and minimal disruption to business operations.

Through these solutions, CareHealth Singapore now operates a high-functioning ecommerce platform that meets their logistical needs and offers an improved shopping experience for their customers.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li

Web Developer – Md Tarccqul Islam

Web Designer – Claudia

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