Chengtai Nursery - Branding Tradition with Modernity

Chengtai Nursery – Branding

Chengtai Nursery – Branding

Chengtai Nursery has been one of the most prominent Singapore Bonsai Nurseries, providing a wide collection of plants and gardening equipment for many local flora and fauna lovers for decades.

Client Brief

Branding Objectives:

Chengtai Nursery, a family-owned business with generations of rich history, is renowned as one of Singapore’s largest bonsai nurseries. However, having been grounded in tradition, they had not invested in modern branding. The objective was to revamp their brand identity, making it more contemporary while honoring its legacy, to attract a broader audience.

Target Audience:

While Chengtai’s traditional customer base consisted of mature plant enthusiasts, the rebranding aimed to also attract younger generations of plant lovers and families looking for a unique, homely space to explore a diverse range of plants, including their esteemed bonsai collection.

Our Solution

Harmonizing Tradition and Modernity: We infused modern design elements into Chengtai Nursery’s branding while respecting its rich history. The updated brand colors and assets were meticulously chosen to reflect a blend of tradition and contemporaneity.

Unified Brand Identity: Every touchpoint of the brand, including the website, social media, and posters, was revamped with consistent branding. The seamless integration of the new design elements breathes life into the nursery’s identity, making it visually appealing and cohesive.

Enhanced Visibility: The contemporary design not only honors Chengtai’s legacy but also resonates with a younger demographic. The updated look encapsulates a sense of freshness and trendiness, making the nursery more inviting to a diverse audience.


The rebranding has transformed Chengtai Nursery into a space that feels both homely and trendy. The modern yet respectful branding has widened the nursery’s appeal, drawing in visitors of all ages, especially the younger audience.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Branding Lead – Marina & Yee Fei

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