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ChengTai Nursey – Festive Banner Design

ChengTai Nursey – Festive Banner Design

Client Brief


To design an eye-catching and festive banner that effectively promotes Cheng Tai Nursery’s Chinese New Year plants for sale. The banner aims to attract customers by conveying festive greetings and highlighting the special holiday offerings, thereby increasing foot traffic and sales during the Chinese New Year period. Additionally, it enhances the nursery’s festive atmosphere and strengthens customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Target Audience

  • Homeowners and Garden Enthusiasts:
    • Individuals looking to decorate their homes and gardens with festive plants for Chinese New Year.
  • Families:
    • Families preparing for the Chinese New Year celebrations and looking to purchase traditional plants and decorations.
  • Local Residents:
    • Residents in the vicinity of Cheng Tai Nursery who may visit the nursery for their holiday plant needs.
  • Businesses:
    • Local businesses looking to decorate their premises with Chinese New Year plants to attract customers and enhance the festive atmosphere.
  • Cultural Enthusiasts:
    • Individuals interested in cultural traditions and celebrations who seek authentic Chinese New Year plants and decorations.
  • Existing Customers:
    • Regular customers of Cheng Tai Nursery who are aware of the quality and variety of plants offered and are likely to purchase for the holiday season.

Key Challenges

Cultural Sensitivity:

  • Appropriate Symbols and Colors: Ensuring the use of culturally significant symbols and colors (such as red and gold) that resonate with the Chinese New Year traditions.
  • Accurate Messaging: Crafting messages and greetings that are culturally appropriate and accurately reflect the festive spirit.


  • Production Timeline: Ensuring the banner is designed, printed, and installed in time for the Chinese New Year shopping period.
  • Seasonal Relevance: Creating a design that remains relevant throughout the Chinese New Year celebration period.

Brand Consistency:

  • Maintaining Branding: Ensuring the banner aligns with Cheng Tai Nursery’s overall brand identity and visual style.
  • Professional Image: Maintaining a professional look that reflects the quality of Cheng Tai Nursery’s products and services.

Information Balance:

  • Concise Information: Including all necessary information (e.g., product offerings, festive greetings) without overcrowding the banner.
  • Highlighting Key Messages: Making sure the key promotional messages and calls to action stand out.

Our Solution

Community Connection:

  • Cultural Relevance: Celebrating local cultural events like Chinese New Year strengthens the nursery’s connection with the community.
  • Inclusivity: Demonstrating cultural awareness and inclusivity by participating in local celebrations.

Drive Impulse Purchases:

  • Immediate Action: Eye-catching banners can drive impulse purchases, encouraging customers to buy festive plants on the spot.

Marketing and Advertising:

  • Cost-Effective Promotion: Banners are a cost-effective way to advertise seasonal promotions, reaching a wide audience without recurring costs.
  • Local Marketing: Targeting local residents and businesses effectively through on-site advertising.

Boosted Sales:

  • Promotion of Products: Highlighting Chinese New Year plants and decorations can drive sales by informing customers of the special holiday offerings.
  • Seasonal Appeal: Leveraging the festive season to attract customers who are specifically looking for Chinese New Year-related products.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Designer – Xing Juan

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