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Wineaccessories by NUN – Product Ad Design

Wineaccessories by NUN – Product Ad Design

Client Brief


To create a visually compelling and informative advertisement that effectively showcases WineAccessories’ product range, highlights their unique features and pricing, and encourages potential customers to make a purchase. The ad aims to attract attention, communicate the value and quality of the products, and drive traffic to the website or store for further engagement and sales.

Target Audience

  • Wine Clubs and Societies:
    • Organisations and clubs that cater to wine aficionados and may be interested in offering premium wine accessories to their members.
  • Affluent Consumers:
    • Individuals with higher disposable income who appreciate luxury items and are willing to invest in premium wine accessories.
  • Event Planners:
    • Professionals who organise events and require premium wine accessories for upscale functions and gatherings.
  • Wine Enthusiasts:
    • Individuals who have a passion for wine and are looking for high-quality accessories to enhance their wine experience.
  • Hospitality Industry Professionals:
    • Managers and buyers for hotels, restaurants, and bars who want to enhance their service offerings with sophisticated wine accessories.
  • Retailers and Distributors:
    • Businesses involved in the retail and distribution of wine and related products, looking to stock high-quality wine accessories.


Key Challenges

  • Print and Digital Adaptability:
    • Versatile Design: Designing an ad that works well in both print and digital formats, maintaining quality and impact across different mediums.
    • Technical Specifications: Ensuring the design meets the technical specifications for various platforms and printing processes.
  • Design Aesthetics:
    • Visual Appeal: Ensuring the ad is visually striking and aligns with the brand’s luxurious and sophisticated image.
    • Balance: Balancing attractive visuals with informative content to ensure the ad is both engaging and informative.
  • Target Audience Engagement:
    • Relevance: Creating content and visuals that resonate with the target audience, including wine enthusiasts, gift shoppers, and corporate clients.
    • Appeal: Ensuring the ad appeals to a diverse audience with varied interests and needs.

Our Solution

Driving Sales and Conversions:

  • Compelling CTA: Well-designed ads with clear calls to action encourage potential customers to take the next step, whether it’s visiting the website, making a purchase, or contacting the company.
  • Promotional Offers: Highlighting special offers or discounts can incentivize immediate purchases and increase sales.

Supporting Marketing Efforts:

  • Integrated Campaigns: The ad design can be part of a larger marketing campaign, complementing other marketing materials and channels to create a cohesive strategy.
  • Event Promotion: Ads can be used to promote specific events, launches, or seasonal promotions, driving attendance and participation.

Professional Image:

  • Credibility and Trust: High-quality, professional ad designs enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of WineAccessories, making customers more likely to purchase from them.
  • Luxury Perception: Elegant and sophisticated designs reflect the premium nature of the products, reinforcing the perception of luxury and quality.


The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Designer – Xing Juan

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