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Wineaccessories by NUN – Name Card Design

Wineaccessories by NUN – Name Card Design

Client Brief


To create professional and visually appealing business cards that effectively represent the brand, enhance brand recognition, and facilitate networking and business opportunities. The design includes images of their premium wine accessories, showcasing their products directly on the cards. This not only highlights the range and quality of their offerings but also leaves a memorable impression on potential clients and partners by visually connecting the brand with its products.

Target Audience

  • Wine Enthusiasts:
    • Individuals who have a keen interest in wine and are looking for high-quality accessories to enhance their wine experience.
  • Retailers and Distributors:
    • Businesses involved in the retail and distribution of wine and related products, interested in partnering with WineAccessories to stock their products.
  • Event Planners:
    • Professionals who organise events and might need premium wine accessories for upscale functions and gatherings.
  • Corporate Clients:
    • Companies looking for corporate gifts or customisable gift boxes featuring high-quality wine accessories for their clients and employees.
  • Wine Clubs and Societies:
    • Organisations and clubs that cater to wine aficionados and may be interested in offering premium wine accessories to their members.
  • Marketing and PR Agencies:
    • Agencies that may want to collaborate on promotional events or campaigns featuring premium wine accessories.

Key Challenges

  • Design Cohesion:
    • Brand Alignment: Ensuring the design aligns with WineAccessories’ brand identity, including colour schemes, fonts, and overall aesthetic.
    • Visual Appeal: Creating a visually appealing design that stands out and leaves a memorable impression.
  • Incorporating Products:
    • Space Constraints: Effectively showcasing the wine accessories on a small business card without making the design look cluttered.
    • Image Quality: Using high-quality images that clearly display the products while maintaining a professional appearance.
  • Material and Printing:
    • Durability: Choosing durable materials that withstand wear and tear, ensuring the business cards maintain their quality over time.
    • Print Quality: Ensuring high-quality printing to accurately reproduce colours, images, and text.
  • Differentiation:
    • Unique Design: Creating a unique design that differentiates WineAccessories from competitors and catches the attention of recipients.
    • Memorability: Making the business cards memorable to ensure they are kept and referred to by potential clients and partners.


Our Solution

Professional Representation:

  • First Impressions: High-quality, professionally designed business cards create a strong first impression, showcasing the company’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.
  • Brand Image: Well-designed cards reinforce WineAccessories’ brand identity, presenting the company as a reputable and sophisticated provider of wine accessories.

Effective Networking Tool:

  • Contact Information: Providing essential contact information in a convenient and professional format facilitates networking and business connections.
  • Portability: Business cards are easy to distribute at events, meetings, and networking functions, expanding the company’s reach.

Memorable Branding:

  • Unique Design: A unique and creative design makes the business cards memorable, increasing the likelihood that recipients will keep and refer to them.
  • Differentiation: Standout designs help differentiate WineAccessories from competitors, highlighting the company’s unique value propositions.

Enhanced Brand Visibility:

  • Recognition: Consistent branding on business cards helps increase brand recognition, making WineAccessories more memorable to potential clients and partners.
  • Product Awareness: Including images of wine accessories directly on the cards highlights the company’s offerings, increasing product awareness.


The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Designer – Xing Juan

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