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Angelic Secrets – Storefront Signage Design

Angelic Secrets – Storefront Signage Design

Client Brief


To attract attention from passersby, showcase the exclusive and premium quality of Korean puppies offered, and encourage potential customers to visit the store. The banner aims to enhance brand visibility, communicate key information about the business, and drive foot traffic into the store.

Target Audience

  • Pet Enthusiasts:
    • Individuals and families who are passionate about pets and looking for a new puppy.
  • Potential Pet Owners:
    • People who are considering getting a puppy and are attracted to the idea of owning an exclusive, premium Korean breed.
  • Passersby and Shoppers:
    • People walking or driving by the store who might be drawn in by the appealing images and information on the banner.
  • Families with Children:
    • Families, especially those with children, who are interested in adding a new pet to their household.
  • Pet Lovers on Social Media:
    • Those active on social media who are likely to share and promote their experiences with their new pets, further increasing the store’s visibility.

These audiences are likely to be attracted to the banner’s visuals and messaging, leading them to explore Angelic Secrets’ offerings.

Key Challenges

  • Space Constraints:
    • Size Limitations: Working within the physical size limitations of the storefront to create an impactful banner that fits well.
    • Placement: Ensuring the banner is placed in a location that maximises visibility without obstructing views or access to the store.
  • Permits and Regulations:
    • Compliance: Navigating any local regulations and obtaining necessary permits for installing the banner.
    • Legal Requirements: Ensuring the banner adheres to all legal requirements regarding signage.
  • Messaging and Content:
    • Effective Communication: Conveying the unique selling points of Angelic Secrets and the premium nature of the puppies in a concise manner.
    • Call to Action: Including a clear call to action to encourage potential customers to visit the store or contact the business.
  • Target Audience Engagement:
    • Relevance: Ensuring the banner content resonates with the target audience and addresses their interests and needs.
    • Engagement: Creating a design that not only attracts attention but also engages potential customers and prompts them to take action.
  • Budget Constraints:
    • Cost Management: Managing the costs associated with designing, producing, and installing the banner within the allocated budget.
    • ROI Measurement: Evaluating the return on investment and effectiveness of the banner in driving foot traffic and sales.

Our Solution

Increased Foot Traffic:

  • Attracting Attention: The eye-catching design of the banner draws the attention of passersby, encouraging them to visit the store and learn more about the exclusive Korean puppies offered.
  • Visibility: Enhancing the visibility of the store in a busy area, making it easier for potential customers to find and recognize the business.

Enhanced Brand Awareness:

  • Brand Recognition: Consistent use of branding elements on the banner reinforces Angelic Secrets’ brand identity, making it more memorable to potential customers.
  • Professional Image: The professional and appealing banner design helps build a reputable and trustworthy image for the store.

Effective Communication:

  • Key Information: The banner clearly communicates the store’s unique selling points, such as the premium quality of the puppies and their exclusive Korean origin, effectively informing potential customers.
  • Promotional Tool: Highlighting special offers, new arrivals, or key services on the banner can drive interest and prompt immediate visits to the store.

Customer Engagement:

  • Interactive Elements: Including interactive features, such as QR codes that link to available puppies or social media pages, engages customers and provides a convenient way to access more information.
  • Emotional Appeal: The appealing images of the puppies create an emotional connection with viewers, increasing the likelihood of them visiting the store to see the puppies in person.


The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Designer – Xing Juan

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