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Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd – Stand-Up Banner Designs

Geonamics (S) Pte Ltd – Stand-Up Banner Designs

Client Brief


To design compelling and informative stand-up banners that effectively showcase Geonamics’ geotechnical engineering services, certifications, and client achievements. The goal is to attract and engage attendees at the Marina Bay Sands exhibition, highlighting the company’s expertise and generating interest and leads from potential clients and industry partners.

Target Audience

  • Industry Professionals:
    • Geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, and construction professionals looking for advanced geotechnical solutions and services.
  • Potential Clients:
    • Representatives from construction companies, property developers, and infrastructure project managers seeking reliable geotechnical expertise.
  • Business Partners:
    • Other engineering firms and technology providers interested in potential collaborations or partnerships with Geonamics.
  • Regulatory Authorities:
    • Government and regulatory officials interested in understanding the latest industry standards and certifications in geotechnical engineering.
  • Investors and Stakeholders:
    • Investors and stakeholders in the construction and engineering sectors looking for innovative and reputable companies to support and invest in.
  • Academic and Research Institutions:
    • Representatives from universities and research institutions interested in the latest advancements and technologies in geotechnical engineering.

This diverse audience at the expo would benefit from learning about Geonamics’ services, expertise, and achievements through the stand-up banners.

Key Challenges

  • Designing for Impact:
    • Capturing Attention: Ensuring the banners are visually striking to stand out in a crowded exhibition hall.
    • Clear Messaging: Balancing eye-catching design with clear and concise messaging to communicate key information effectively.
  • Condensing Information:
    • Summarising Services: Condensing Geonamics’ range of services, certifications, and client successes into digestible and impactful content.
    • Avoiding Clutter: Ensuring the banners are not overcrowded with information while still providing enough detail to be informative.
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Banner Dimensions: Designing within the specific dimensions and technical specifications required for stand-up banners.
    • Print Quality: Ensuring high-resolution graphics and text for clear and professional print quality.
  • Engaging Diverse Audiences:
    • Varied Interests: Creating content that appeals to a diverse audience, including industry professionals, potential clients, and investors.
    • Technical and Non-Technical: Balancing technical details with accessible language to engage both technical and non-technical attendees.
  • Tight Deadlines:
    • Time Constraints: Managing the design and production process within tight deadlines to ensure the banners are ready for the expo.
    • Coordination: Coordinating with printers and other stakeholders to ensure timely delivery and setup.
  • Logistics and Setup:
    • Transport and Setup: Ensuring the banners are transported safely and set up correctly at the exhibition hall.
    • Durability: Designing banners that are durable and can withstand the wear and tear of an exhibition environment.


Our Solution

Supporting Sales Efforts:

  • Sales Conversations: The banners served as a visual aid for Geonamics’ representatives at the expo, supporting their sales efforts by providing a reference point for discussions with potential clients.

Increased Visibility:

  • High Traffic Exposure: Positioning the banners in a busy exhibition hall ensured that Geonamics’ services and brand were seen by a large number of attendees, increasing overall visibility.

Professional Presentation:

  • Credibility and Trust: Professionally designed banners reinforced Geonamics’ credibility and expertise, helping to build trust with potential clients and partners.

Highlighting Expertise:

  • Showcasing Achievements: The banners showcased Geonamics’ expertise, certifications, and successful projects, demonstrating their capabilities and competitive advantage in the geotechnical engineering field.


The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Designer – Marina

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