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Khome Lifestyle – Ecommerce

Khome Lifestyle – Ecommerce

Khome Lifestyle, established in 1999, has become one of Singapore's top home appliances distributors, offering a one-stop solution for various home needs.

Client Brief

Website Objectives

  1. To refresh the brand image to appeal more to a younger audience.
  2. To optimise product categorisation for efficient search and shopping experience.
  3. To provide fast, affordable, and convenient shopping experience.
  4. To include invoicing and packing list functions for logistics efficiency.
  5. To enhance website speed and efficiency.

Target Audience

The website aims to cater to a wide range of consumers, especially younger homeowners seeking comprehensive home appliance solutions.

Our Solution

  • We revamped their logo and brand direction, incorporating youthful colour motifs to appeal to a younger demographic.
  • We reorganised the product categorisation to offer an optimised and efficient search and shopping experience.
  • We ensured the website is fast, affordable, and convenient, in line with Khome’s core values.
  • We incorporated PDF invoice and packing list functionalities, streamlining Khome’s logistics process.
  • We provided web hosting services, significantly improving website speed compared to the old site.

Thanks to these changes, Khome was able to successfully use the website as the only point of sales during the CEE 2023 event. The revamped ecommerce site received high praise from customers for its efficiency and user-friendliness, ultimately boosting their online sales and brand image.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li

Copywriter – Petrina

Web Developer – Md Tarccqul Islam

Web Designer – Marina Masud Mizoguchi

Brand Consultant – Yee Fei

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