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SANTUS – Ecommerce

SANTUS – Ecommerce

SANTUS is a brand that has established a solution revolutionising the preservation of a goof bottle of wine

Client Brief

Website Objectives

– Showcase the brand’s star product and its functionality
– Provide a visual screening of the product’s features and uses
– Encourage online purchasing through an easily accessible platform
– Establish the brand identity of SANTUS
– Highlight the brand’s commitment to curb product wastage

Target Audience

The target audience for SANTUS is wine consumers, those who are looking for a solution to preserve their wine, people who host gatherings at their homes often, restaurants that serve wine. The website should appeal to those who lean towards the need for a contraption that can retain the quality of an opened bottle of wine.

Our Solution

  • Modern and classy design that reflects the sophistication of the brand’s identity.
  • Clear description product components and its corresponding functionality.
  • A seamless checkout system for easy purchasing of products.
  • An “About” page that provides information on the founder, the brand, its star product an usability range.
  • Mobile-responsive design to ensure easy navigation on smartphones and tablets
  • Social media links to the brand’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts
  • Gallery page showcasing high-quality images of the product and its versatility.
  • Testimonial reel to highlight brand’s credibility and customer’s perspective.
  • Contact page with a form for inquiries and feedback.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li

Copywriter – Melanie & Petrina

Web Developer – Md Tarccqul Islam

Web Designer – Marina Masud Mizoguchi

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