Supreme Houzz Design - Social Media Marketing

Supreme Houzz Design – Social Media Marketing

Supreme Houzz Design – Social Media Marketing

Supreme Houzz Designs is a distinguished interior design firm, dedicated to elevating spaces with unparalleled creativity and expertise

Client Brief


  • Develop a visually captivating online marketing campaign that showcases their design portfolio, services, and expertise. The aim is to enhance their online presence and provide a platform that highlights their design projects.


Target Audience

  • Diverse audience that includes homeowners, property developers, and businesses seeking high-quality interior design services. Their potential clients are individuals or organizations looking to transform their spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments.


Key challenges 

  • Visual Presentation: to effectively showcase their design portfolio and communicate the aesthetic and detailed aspects of their projects online
  • Competitive Market: The interior design industry is highly competitive. To find ways to stand out and demonstrate their unique design style and approach.
  • Brand Representation: Portraying the firm’s identity and design philosophy through design and conveying their expertise to potential clients.

Our Solution

Create visually appealing graphics and infographics that clearly outline the benefits and savings of each package. Use compelling visuals to demonstrate the value of choosing Supreme Houzz Designs for interior design services.



Efficiently and effectively generate a steady stream of high-quality leads to fuel business growth.

The Team

Project Manager – Tan Yong Li
Copywriter – Melanie & Petrina
Web Developer – Md Tarccqul Islam
Web Designer – Marina Masud Mizoguchi

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