10 things to look for in a digital marketing agency

10 things to look for when engaging a digital marketing agency

Five considerations when you choose your digital marketing agency

April 3, 2024

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If you are a business owner, and if you are looking for a digital marketing agency to take your business to a higher level of growth, here are ten really important factors that you should take into account of:

1. Experience and track record

You should engage a digital marketing agency that has success and experience in your business vertical (or industry). 

Experience is extremely important here as a digital marketer that has deep domain knowledge of your industry will be uniquely able to steer your business into a ranking well. 

After all, a successful digital marketing campaign that helps your business climb the Google rankings requires a deep familiarity with the industry. 

One example is, the ability to understand the target audience and what they want and look for when they have buying intent. 

2. Transparency and communication

Transparency is of great importance to your ability to work with the digital marketing agency. 

You should expect the digital marketing agency to be clear and upfront about how much they charge for service, what is included in any service, and to provide realistic expectations about results. 

Many digital marketing agencies might not be able to provide the level of clarity you need, simply because they are unfamiliar with your expectations as a business owner. 

In these cases, when you are looking around for a digital marketing agency, be upfront about what you expect from them. 

3. Understanding your business goals

Any good digital marketing agency should act in concert with you and have goals that are aligned with yours. 

Ensure that your agency is on the same page as you are, with regard to your goals in doing a marketing and advertising campaign. 

Also, be sure to confirm with them about your target audience and the intricacies of your industry. 

Lastly, ensure that the digital marketing agency tailors their strategies and uses the right platforms to reach your target audience.

4. Range of services

Digital marketing is a broad field. 

Accordingly, it encompasses Search Engine Optimization, data analytics, web design, graphic design, branding, copywriting, videography, and social media strategy and management. 

Assess which branch of digital marketing has the best return on investment for you, and then choose the digital marketing agency which has the best portfolio and understanding in these areas.

5. Expertise in digital channels

Select your digital marketing agency based on which digital channel you would like to use for your business. The universe of digital marketing is wide, as a result, the variety of digital media channels is huge, and growing too! 

As such, ensure that you think strategically about which digital channels you need to leverage, and then pick a digital marketing agency that has experience and understanding of the channel.

6. Use of data and analytics

Marketing and advertising was once thought of as an art, where a great deal of decision-making came down to intuition and guesswork. 

Not anymore. 

Marketing is now very much guided by data. 

As such, you should ensure that you choose a digital marketing agency where the team is knowledgeable about statistics and uses data analytics (like Google Analytics) to make decisions and to measure the progress of your marketing campaign.

7. Customized strategies

Look for a digital marketing agency that will create a tailor-made solution for your business, according to your business goals and target audience. 

One way to ensure that the digital marketing agency will treat your business as a unique entity is to check their portfolio and see if their previous work shows the ability to create custom marketing solutions.

Another sign that a digital marketing agency is up to the task of creating individualized marketing solutions, is that the team takes an investigative approach to your business. 

As such, ensure that they are interested in learning about your business before you embark on a digital marketing project with them.

8. Long-term relationship-building

Creating a successful brand and gaining visibility on the internet often takes a long time. 

Hence, when you engage a digital marketing agency, do not be turned off if a team cautions you that results will not come overnight. They are just being honest and straightforward.

However, you should be able to see progress, in terms of better performance in certain metrics that are less strict than getting a sale. For instance, seeing a slow but steady climb in web traffic could be a sign of success.

In conclusion, when you choose a digital marketing agency, pick the team that you can see yourself having a long-term relationship with, and who are transparent and straightforward with you.

9. Reviews and testimonials

Once you have found the digital marketing firm that you wish to engage, check out the reviews and testimonials on the firm. There is no better proof than social proof. 

One place to start looking for reviews is Google Reviews.

10. And, hopefully, the digital marketing team has a great sense of humour

Engaging a digital marketing agency should be fun! 

When a business owner seeks out a digital marketing agency, it is important for them to find a team which is humorous, creative, and ready to go along on the journey with them. 

After all, the best digital marketing agencies fulfill the role of a marketing team that supports the business, and as such, the ideal relationship between the agency and the business should be a long-term one. 

In conclusion

Engaging a digital marketing agency is a good first step in the long and exciting journey to making your business visible on the internet. 

It is a great investment that allows you to grow your business and keep up with technological trends, and if you choose a digital marketing agency that is aligned with your business goals, you will not regret it.

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