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Web Hosting and Maintenance

Website maintenance is the practice of monitoring your website’s overall health and performance.

Website maintenance helps to keep your website functioning properly and up-to-date. A website requires regular checking to prevent issues and keep the website updated and relevant.

As Singapore’s first digital agency to be CSA Cyber Essentials Certified, DigiPixel offers complementary services to monitor your website’s health and performance and keep up to date with the latest security update for up to 1 Year after the Website’s launch.

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Poor Web Maintenance can be detrimental to your business

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. Other than its effects on customer satisfaction, poor website maintenance could also affect search engine rankings.

Therefore, it is important to take care of your website and put up preventive measures to potential issues.

Serious about your Website’s Security

As Singapore’s first digital agency to be CSA Cyber Essentials Certified, DigiPixel puts your website’s security as a top priority.

In the case where your website has been compromised, we have measures and blueprints ready to resolve your issues immediately.

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Looking to Customise Your Existing Website?

You may already have a website but something feels off about it. Perhaps it feels like it came out of a blog template or you have received feedback of its user experience. Fret not! DigiPixel has the capabilities to completely customise your website with your choice of Content Management System.

Your Website wherever you want

We create beautiful and effective websites on different Content Management Systems (CMS) that help you attract and retain potential clients.






Many more..

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Why do you need Web Hosting & Maintenance?

CSA Cyber Essentials Certified

We are Singapore's first digital agency to be CSE Cyber Essentials Certified.

1 Year of Support and Maintenance Included

We continue to provide our support and expertise to your website after its launch.

Full Customised Design

We design your website with no templates so it is fully customisable to your liking.

SEO Friendly Content

We optimise your website to be found by customers through organic search.


From marketing campaigns that brought about more than 60% ROI for clients to customised website projects – We’ve done it all.

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About Web Hosting & Maintenance

Web hosting is an essential factor for websites, as they need a proper hosting domain before they go live. Especially if you intend to bring your business and presence online, web hosting is a fundamental step you need to take.

Additionally, web hosting needs to be done by a team of professionals to ensure that your websites are safely secured against virtual threats and hackers.

DigiPixel offers reliable web hosting services as we are CSA Cyber Essentials Certified, to ensure that your websites are protected with the best security. 

Our prices will be reasonable and affordable for the proposed work. We are also dedicated to ensuring that the entire web hosting process will be made very smooth for you, and we will be with you at every step of the way.

Yes, unfortunately as all migration processes do, there would be a downtime of up to 7 days. We generally will try to help you avoid the downtime by engaging the migration during non-peak hours.

Before the process, we will help you to plan a suitable timing, during a period where it can be afforded. Please do ensure that you have  your important documents backed up before the process.

As we understand that any potential user could be browsing your website at any time, website crashes are thus very disruptive for businesses. We would attempt to address the hosting issues immediately if they are solvable from our end. 

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