Why is brand voice important to your business?

Why is brand voice important for your business?

What is brand voice and how does it help?

January 4, 2024

In branding work, people are quick to think about how a brand looks visually, from fonts to styles, but brand voice is also a key factor to consider.

Take a quick moment to think about some famous brands and what their brand voices are. Perhaps Nike with its most famous tagline “Just Do It”, which encourages people to go for their goals and never give up. Coca-Cola’s brand voice focuses on positivity and friendliness.

A brand voice gives you a way to build connections with your clients.

What is a brand voice?

A brand voice is the distinct personality a business comes up with to communicate with its target audiences across all mediums. It should include a unified approach to tone, style and messaging to build brand recognition.

Apply your brand voice across all platforms, including advertising, newsletters, social media posts, customer care responses and internal communications like company announcements.

Why is brand voice important?

Brand voice helps you be instantly recognisable and consistent. The digital landscape is getting more and more crowded by the day, so content that you put out should have an recognisability that people can immediately latch on to.

The power of a strong brand voice is also important as social media becomes more saturated with artificial intelligence-generated content.

AI can assist with marketing but it doesn’t have a personality and as such, will not be able to organically connect to clients like a human can.

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