Your digital marketing agency should also be your ad agency

Why your digital marketing agency should also be your ad agency

How you can benefit from synergy when your digital marketing agency also creates your ads

April 3, 2024

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Some businesses treat advertising as separate from marketing, and so they might be tempted to hire a digital marketing agency to create overarching digital strategies and to perform SEO on their websites, while getting an advertising agency to create cool and eye-catching creative assets. I’m writing this article to demonstrate how hiring an all-in-one digital marketing and ad agency gives you a better strategy that will lead to increased sales for your business.

1. You get an integrated strategy and seamless execution

When a single agency handles both your digital marketing and your advertising creatives, you get seamless integration and coordination of your marketing and advertising efforts. They will always match each other and have complementary strategies. As such, choosing an all-in-one digital marketing and ad agency will help you get more effective marketing and ad campaigns.

2. Your ad agency will have a comprehensive understanding of your business

In hiring a digital marketing agency that also acts as your ad agency, your ads will be informed by your business goals. As such, your ads will be more than creative assets that allow you to be heard. They will be activated at different parts of the marketing funnel with the ultimate goal of driving sales and increasing your market share. 

3. Consistent Brand Messaging and Image

When you go for an all-in-one digital marketing and ad agency, you will ensure consistent brand messaging and image across all channels. This consistency in brand messaging allows you to build a strong and recognizable brand and thus achieve recognition, trust, and credibility with your audience.

4. Saves time otherwise spent on coordinating between teams

When you combine digital marketing and advertising functions into a single team, you will save time on all of the coordinating and aligning that you would have to do if you had two separate agencies. This allows the workflow to be streamlined, for communication gaps to be eliminated, and for the work to be done faster. 

5. You save money!

If you choose separate agencies for digital marketing and advertising, your in-house marketing team will have to spend time coordinating with two agencies. It’s not so bad if the work goes smoothly, but digital marketing and creating and rolling out an ad strategy will take time, and often you might need revisions. Can you imagine if your in-house marketing team had to do that–twice? Go for an all-in-one solution and save money.

6. Deeper and more holistic data analysis

Digital marketing campaigns are long-term projects that rely extensively on testing new approaches and analysing the performance of the new approach. As such, if the digital marketing and advertising is being performed by the same agency, we can better iterate future advertising based on the insights gained from data analysis on past ads. 

7. Tailor-made campaign strategies

If your ad agency is your digital marketing agency, they can tailor your ad strategies to your broader business plan and thus provide you a personalized approach to advertising. This allows your advertising budget to be spent in a targeted way.

8. You can adapt to market trends quickly

The internet has caused change to accelerate, and we can see this in how consumer and business trends turn on a dime. As such it is important to integrate your digital marketing with your advertising activities so that your ads can adapt constantly to market dynamics and consumer behaviours.

9. A diversity of skills and viewpoints all in one place

When you hire the same agency to handle digital marketing and ads, you get a team with diverse expertise and resources, spanning the disciplines of hard data analytics, SEO, web design, graphic design and psychology. By not siloing these subjects, you allow all of these aspects of your marketing and advertising to benefit from cross pollination and insights from team members with a wide variety of expertise. 

10. Unified Reporting and Performance Tracking

  • When you consolidate your digital marketing and advertising efforts, you will receive a unified report. As such, you can see what the advertising activities has done as part of the wider picture that the digital marketing report will show.

11. Closing the feedback loop when the two teams become one

  • Digital marketing and advertising online both really benefit from the ability to quickly do trial and error. When the same agency takes charge of your digital marketing and advertising activities, you benefit because the two teams work closely and can iterate on different ad strategies and different digital marketing strategies faster. This helps you optimize and stay ahead of the curve.


In conclusion, when your digital marketing agency is also your ad agency, you benefit from the resulting synergies and cross-pollination. 

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