About Us

Leverage the Digital Age with Us

Established in 2020, DigiPixel is an award-winning digital agency that helps you edge out in this digital age.

About Us

An Award-Winning Digital Agency

In an ever-changing digital era, the exchange of information and communication via digital technology and services have become an essential element for any kind of businesses.

Digipixel was formed with the aim to help clients wanting to create an authentic and unique identity, and establish a digital presence for themselves.

Our primary services are in Web Design, Web Development and Social Media Marketing.

We pride ourselves on our capability to deliver clients’ requests promptly and accurately, while ensuring their brand and websites are uniquely and exclusively crafted, providing them with a customised and personalized experience with us.


Awards and Recognitions

We are proud to be the recipient of multiple awards as validation of our continuous efforts and excellence.

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SME 500 2022 :

As part of DigiPixel’s goal to digitalise all companies in Singapore, we are launching the DigiPixel SG Digitalisation initiative to provide companies with the necessary support and aid they need to go digital.


We aim to digitalise all businesses at a reasonable rate so that local SMEs do not get left behind in our rapidly digitalising world.


We want to take the extra mile and provide full customisable digital support to our clients regardless of industry and requirements.


Meet Our Team

He Runs The Whole Thing
Leon Tan

As the luminary leading Digipixel's charge, Leon's passion and entrepreneurial spirit fuels Digipixel's commitment to transform your digital journey with our ingeniously crafted web and marketing projects. 

With him at the helm, he reflects Digipixel's mission to deliver excellence and elevate your digital experience with personalised solutions.

The Pillar Of Support
Michelle Teng

Meet our Accounts and Finance Manager, the vital guardian of our agency's financial health.

With meticulous precision and a keen eye for detail, Michelle ensures the seamless flow of resources by managing our budgets with efficiency, providing economically strategic support and handling our financial data with integrity. 

He Builds Magical Websites
Tarccqul Islam

Tareq is our Web Developer who has mastered the art of transforming design concepts into working reality.

His technical expertise allows him to fuse creativity with cutting-edge digital technology. As a driving force behind our clients' online success, he brings creative designs to life, constructing web experiences that leave a lasting impression.

He Also Builds Magical Websites
Md Abu Asim

Asim is our Web Developer, adept at turning visionary designs into tangible realities.

His profound technical knowledge marries innovation with the latest in digital tech. A pivotal element in our clients' online triumphs, Asim breathes life into innovative designs, crafting web experiences that resonate and captivate.

She Designs Magical Websites
Marina Masud Mizoguchi

Moving into the digitizing age, touches of aesthetics can make a world of difference for its users. Marina is our UI/UX Designer with the talent for building visually stunning websites to and beyond our clients' expectations.

Her artistry shapes the narrative of our clients' brands, while creating intuitive designs and an unforgettable digital journey for our clients.

She Is the Digital Alchemist
Xing Juan

Xing Juan is our Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist, her visual works and creations have the ability to speak a million words.

Her flair for digital editing tools allows her to be adept at showcasing our clients' brand & identity through her compelling designs and intricate graphic visuals, encapsulating our clients' ideas and messages perfectly onto a digital canvas. 

She Is the Digital Alchemist

Bellavis is our specialist for Digital Marketing. With her exceptional writing and editing skills, she crafts compelling content and proficient stories for your websites, and social media, leaving your viewers interested and engaged.

She ensures your websites are user-friendly, and that visitors have a pleasant experience whenever they are browsing your websites.

She Manages Your Digital Platforms
Qi Qi Tan

As Digipixel rises into the next up and coming digital marketing agency, Qi Qi is one of our core catalyst ensuring that this feat is possible.

Her aptitude for eloquent communications, conceptualization of effective strategies and meticulous planning guarantees that our clients' marketing projects and campaigns are always executed timely and flawlessly.

She Also Manages Your Digital Platforms
Petrina Chan

As Digipixel carves its niche as a foremost digital marketing agency, Petrina stands at the heart of our success, driving our ascent.

Her flair for articulate communication, paired with her knack for devising robust strategies and meticulous oversight, ensures our clients' marketing initiatives are both punctual and impeccable.

He converts handshakes to long-term partnerships
Shawn Lee

In the dynamic world of sales and marketing, Shawn emerges as Digipixel's ace up its sleeve.

With a magnetic charm and an analytical mind, he navigates the complex maze of the marketplace, consistently striking gold. 

She ensures your website is searchable on Google
Jia Ni Toh

Jia Ni is our SEO and Editorial specialist. She researches the winning keywords tirelessly, crafts enchanting web copy, and uses the power of words and SEO magic to make your website climb up the Google search rankings.  


He is the Graphic Design Wizard
Justin Pang

Justin is our resident Graphic Design Wizard. He creates everything from social media posts and name-cards to brand logos. With his artistic flair and talent for visual communication, he gives your brand its visual identity at all touchpoints. 


Here’s What We Promise


We promise to provide well-advised assistance to digitalise your business and meet your business needs.


Digitalising can be daunting but our expertise will ensure a fuss-free experience for you.


Your business is also our business. We adopt a meticulous approach in all we do to maintain high quality work.


Our Journey

DigiPixel was founded amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with the aim to digitalise businesses at reasonable rates.
In just 1 year, we have grown to manage over 40 digital marketing accounts and over 20 web projects per month.
DigiPixel was nominated and awarded the Singapore SME500 award and also became Singapore’s FIRST digital agency to be CSA Cyber Essentials Certified.

This is a testament to how Digipixel places its importance of keeping our client’s data safe with us.
We received the SME 500 award for 2022 and 2023, in recognition of the company's excellence, and the Cyber Essentials Trust, signifying our commitment to protecting the data of our clients.

Additionally, in efforts to fostering a more conducive environment for team collaboration and creativity, Digipixel made the strategic move to relocate into a bigger office in Kaki Bukit this year.

The digipixel creative HUB

Where Creativity Flows

Digipixel was nominated and awarded the Singapore SME500 award and also became Singapore’s FIRST digital agency to be CSA Cyber Essentials Certified.

This is a testament to how Digipixel places its importance of keeping our client’s data safe with us.